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You Can See A Cineplex Movie For $2.99 Every Tuesday In August

Plus you can get lots of SCENE points!
You Can See A Cineplex Movie For $2.99 Every Tuesday In August

One of the simple pleasures of summer couldn't be experienced for a long time in 2020: seeing a movie. Now that Cineplex theatres are open across Canada, people can finally take in a film on the big screen. On top of that, there are some awesome deals on tickets this month.

Until August 25, Tuesday movies (which are usually a better deal under normal circumstances) are only $2.99. All other movie tickets are also only $5.

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On top of that, SCENE members can get 125 points for any of those purchases. Considering that a free ticket only takes 500, reaching that sweet number would take just a couple of theatre outings with friends.

While there have been plenty of new movies put on hold due to closures across Canada and the United States, there are a few great ones to choose from that theatregoers can catch on the big screen at Cineplex.

Right now, you can check out more recent releases like The Invisible ManBloodshot, and Bad Boys For Life

You can also take in classic summer blockbusters including Jurassic Park and Jaws.

Cineplex has introduced enhanced cleaning and safety protocols for when people do start to head back out for their movie dates.

Those include requiring masks in theatres, having assigned seating in all of their auditoriums, and limiting certain types of concessions.

As many parts of the country have been reopening, the chain began to allow people back into their theatres.

Most recently, Cineplex started welcoming guests back to their locations in Ontario.

Before that, theatres in five provinces opened up on July 3, including some in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Even when you couldn't go out to see a movie and had to find ways to stay entertained at home, Cineplex was offering options to simulate that cinema feeling.

That included streaming new releases for under $4, as well as offering delivery of popular movie snacks like popcorn right to your door.

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