The freezing temperatures across the country aren't affecting just people — Thousands of sea turtles are being rescued from frigid waters by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and other organizations.

The Texas Game Wardens, a branch of TPWD, have pulled at least 141 sea turtles out of the freezing south Texas water and welcomed them on board the PV Murchison.

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The TPWD Coastal Fisheries Division shared with Narcity, "Sea turtles can become cold stunned when water temperatures drop."

As a result of a polar vortex plunging Texas into an unprecedented freeze, the normally temperate waters that sea turtles inhabit off the southern tip of the state have turned unusually cold.

According to the Coastal Fisheries Division, the cold water leaves sea turtles "lethargic and unable to move into deeper water which results in stranding."

The crew aboard the PV Murchison came to the turtles' rescue though, pulling the sea animals onto the ship deck and transporting them to a proper facility where they will be cared for. 

The TPWD shared that once the water temperatures are warm again, the Texas Game Wardens will help release the sea turtles they saved back into the ocean.

Additional organizations, like Sea Turtle Inc., have also been working to rescue as many turtles as possible from the freezing conditions. 

The Coastal Fisheries Division asks that if you see a cold or stunned sea turtle, please call 1866TURTLE5.