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Canadians Can Apply To Be 'Beach Testers' This Summer & The Pay Is $1000 A Week

You can get paid to literally toast s'mores or lie in hammocks.

The only thing better than lounging on a beach is getting paid to lounge on a beach, and this summer, some Canadians can do just that.

Coors Light has a number of job opportunities available that will literally pay you to chill in fun places like local patios and beaches.

The jobs will run from August 12 to September 6, and you will be paid $1,000 weekly for 1 to 2 experiences.

Positions include:

Patio Supervisors

If you love a good patio, then this job is for you. You'll be paid to hang out on a local patio at least once a week.

Beach Testers

You can get your tan on and get paid at the same time with this job, where you are responsible for testing out the best areas on the beach. You'll also give away swag to other beachgoers.

Hammock Mechanic

Sleeping on the job might actually be a good thing with this position, which includes duties like lounging in a hammock and giving away swag to passersby.

Corn Controller

Alongside the corn grilling team, you'll be responsible for handing out flame-seared corn to everyone on a local patio.


If eating sweets on the job sounds like a dream come true, then this position is right up your alley. The S'moretender will receive a backyard bonfire experience and host a s'mores night for friends.

Beer Bouncer

Serve beer to your friends all day and actually make money doing it.

Applications are available online until July 25, and successful applicants will be matched with one of the available positions.

While you can't choose an exact position, you can always include your most-wanted job in the application, no guarantees though!

If you're 19 years or older and live in Canada, you might be able to land one of these dream jobs this summer.

Paid To Chill

Salary: $1,000 weekly

Company: Coors Light

Who Should Apply: Canadians 19 years of age or older can apply online for these positions.

Apply Here

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