Trudeau Is Begging People In Alberta & BC To Get Canada's COVID-19 Tracing App 'Right Now'

He says it can have a real impact even though the provinces aren't on board yet.
Trudeau Is Begging People In Alberta & BC To Get Canada's COVID-19 Tracing App 'Right Now'

Trudeau needs the entire country to get on board with the National COVID-19 tracing app

In a public address on Friday, November 20, Justin Trudeau talked in length about the ongoing strain of the pandemic, especially now in the second wave, on our frontline workers.

Following that emotional message, he urged folks in Alberta and B.C. to get the country-wide COVID-19 tracing app even though the provinces are not onboard. 

“Of course, there are two provinces that haven’t yet made the app available to their healthcare system and I want to directly touch on that right now for people in Alberta and B.C.," he said. 

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If you live in Alberta or B.C., you can still download the app for free Justin Trudeau

The prime minister went on to say that people in the two provinces should download it for two main reasons. 

The first reason is that he thinks the healthcare systems in the regions might still get on board. The second being that it actually begins to work the second you download it, communicating with the other 25% of Canadians who are already using it. 

He offered an example in which you're in Alberta and come into contact with someone who inadvertently goes home to Saskatchewan and then tests positive. At that point, if the person uses the app, you'll get a notification. 

"It’s an extra tool we have at a time where we need to be using all the tools we have," said Trudeau. 

Throughout the entire conference, he reiterated that he and the country are fighting to do whatever it takes to protect everyone in all the ways they can. 

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