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Trudeau Says COVID-19 Vaccines Would Be ‘Great’ But Won’t Help Canadians Right Now

He doesn't want Canadians to let their guard down yet! 😷
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COVID-19 Vaccines In Canada Won't Help Canadians Right Now Says Trudeau

Although COVID-19 vaccines could be on the horizon in Canada, Justin Trudeau has urged Canadians not to let their guard down.

Speaking at a press conference on November 10, the PM addressed reports that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective in its trial stages.

After describing the reports as “great news,” Trudeau went on to warn Canadians that a possible vaccine wouldn’t help anybody getting sick in the near-future.

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Yes, we have great news of possible vaccines on the horizon, but a vaccine later won't help you or your family if you get sick now. Justin Trudeau

His comments come one day after American company Pfizer reported their vaccine candidate was 90% effective in its trial stages.

In addition, a Canadian company also says their potential shot shows “promising results” in its early phases.

Speaking on Monday, Trudeau confirmed that the country had secured millions of doses of the Pfizer candidate and said vaccines could arrive by early next year.

During the same conference, Trudeau acknowledged that COVID-19 cases are surging in Canada and in other countries around the world.

“This was the main focus of my calls with president-elect Biden and Prime Minister Johnson yesterday,” he added.

    Helena Hanson
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