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A New COVID-19 Virus Variant That Doesn't Show Up On Tests Is Being Investigated In France

Several patients with the variant had negative COVID-19 tests.
COVID-19 Variant From France Doesn't Show Up On Tests

An investigation is underway following the emergence of a new COVID-19 virus variant in France, said health authorities in Brittany. 

Eight cases of the new COVID-19 virus variant have been detected, though each of the individuals tested negative on their nasal swab tests

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The variant can be confirmed through a blood test or a "deep respiratory" sample, said a news release from the local health authority. 

This COVID-19 virus variant may not have increased severity or transmissibility, but an investigation is ongoing to learn more about it and determine how it reacts to COVID-19 vaccines

These eight cases are part of a cluster of 79 cases reported on March 13. 

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