It's Cyber Monday, the weird name given to the Monday following Black Friday where the internet puts many of its hot items on sale. But, this year, one very priceless thing is ALSO for sale on Amazon: nostalgia.

These products are all from before, and you'll remember them well because they were pretty much everywhere in your childhood.

Here are nine things from all of our pasts available (and on sale!) today.

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One Of Those Tiger Handheld Video Games

Price: $10.49

Details: Our first thing to make you go, "That thing still exists???" are these Tiger handheld video games. For this sale, you can choose from "X-Men" and "Transformers", both on sale for $10.49 (though if you search on Amazon, you'll ALSO find options like "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin").

The Pinkest, Most 90s Sunglasses Around

Price: $6.81

Details: At under $7, these babies are a steal and, I'm sorry, did you time travel here from the mid-nineties? Because it certainly looks like you did but also, you look great.

The Slightly Disturbing Game Of "Mouse Trap"

Price: $17.49

Details: Please recall with me the Hasbro game of Mouse Trap, where you take turns going to extreme lengths to build the most elaborate mousetrap in existence involving a metal ball traveling a VERY long way and a...guy diving into a bucket. Don't you want to introduce YOUR young family members to this? Or even play it YOURSELF? AGAIN?

A Sega Genesis Mini

Price: $49.99

Details: The SEGA Genesis from your childhood is back...sort of! It's just slightly smaller. The tiny console comes already packed with 42 classic SEGA games and is ready to play right out of the box. Who needs one of those fancy new gaming consoles for a million dollars when you got this compact, nostalgic bad boy?

A Bunch Of Old-School Power Ranger Toys For Some Reason

Price: $13.99+

Details: Also on sale today on Amazon are just so many action figures from the ORIGINAL "Power Rangers" of yore. Seriously, everything "Power Rangers" is on sale. Does anyone want these? Somebody buy one, Amazon REALLY wants you to.

Some Of Those Retro Condiment Bottles From Diners

Price: $19.53

Details: Who can forget these guys, and now you can buy them on sale, for your own home. Pretend your kitchen is a restaurant your parents took you when you were like seven years old with these old-timey condiment bottles.

This Back Plate To Make Your Nintendo Switch Look Like A Super Nintendo

Price: $30.59

Details: Disguise your brand new Nintendo Switch in a retro costume with this Super Nintendo back-plate "replacement housing" for the console and Joycon. It fits perfectly on there, like a glove, but note that this WILL void the warranty of your Switch. But hey, it'll look pretty cool.

A Good Ol' Bucket Hat With A Little Smile On It

Price: $9.49

Details: Please welcome this famous hat from the 90s: A bucket hat with the tiniest smile you've ever seen in your life on it. These guys were all over the heads of people walking around the mall back then. And now? You can have one, for a low, low price.

One Of These Old-Timey Quilting Fabrics Your Grandma Probably Had

Price: $8.86

Details: If you want to transport yourself back to when you were a child staying at your grandma's house, how about one of these retro quilt fabrics? Creep yourself out all over again by making a blanket out of one of these to remember seeing them as a young child and, even then, thinking, "That's...kind of weird."