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Shaquille O'Neal at a Dallas Mavericks game. Right: The exterior of a Best Buy store.

Shaquille O'Neal at a Dallas Mavericks game. Right: The exterior of a Best Buy store.

Another celebrity has joined the great migration to Texas and moved to the Lone Star State. However, instead of choosing the typical Austin area, the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal opted for a move to Dallas.

Back in May, a DFW realtor named Zac Gideo shared that he helped the former athlete purchase a home in the area. Realtor recently provided a glimpse into the massive 5,269-square-foot mansion in Carrolton, TX where Shaq now resides.

Now, just a couple of months into his life here, Texans are already feeling the iconic generosity that he's known. Shaq reportedly paid for a few brand new appliances for a couple while visiting a Dallas-area Best Buy recently.

In a viral Instagram video posted by Hot Freestyle on July 4, O'Neal is seen swiping a card as a beaming couple and two children stand nearby. It was reported by Page Six that he purchased a washing machine for the couple, and threw in a 70-inch television for them, too.

It may seem like a completely random act, however, Shaq has been known to do these good deeds for years.

For example, in 2021 while visiting a Zales jewelry store in Georgia, he paid off an engagement ring for a man who O'Neal overheard worrying about the payment; he followed up by saying this is something he does all the time.

In another video posted by Hot Freestyle this week, we can see the athlete providing a woman with a meal and water. The exact location this took place is unknown, but the cars’ license plates pictured suggest the footage was taken in Texas.

O'Neal simply likes to randomly foot the bill for people he believes need it. If you, too, hope to catch the generous ex-basketball player around the state, you're in luck.

It was reported last month that Shaq is opening various Texas locations of his fast-food chain, Big Chicken.

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