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Dan Levy Was Named One Of The Sexiest Men Alive & He Oiled His Legs Especially For It

Taking out the recycling but make it sexy.
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Dan Levy's Sexiest Man Alive Photoshoot Had Him Oiling His Legs Especially For It

The Schitt's Creek star now has something unique to put on his resume alongside his Emmy wins! Dan Levy's Sexiest Man Alive honour had him oiling up his legs for the domestically sexy photoshoot.

PEOPLE Magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue is out now and Levy has made the list for the first time ever.

He posted a snap from the photoshoot on Instagram where he's taking out the recycling bin which is full of empty wine bottles.

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Levy captioned the eco-friendly, sexy photo with "your boy got his legs oiled for this."

He told PEOPLE that "this form of sexy is a niche market" in the profile of him. He also got into what he's been doing during quarantine.

While he tried to get into cooking and baking, it just didn't work out so he started making cocktails instead and had more success with that.

If you're wondering who the magazine crowned as the Sexiest Man Alive for 2020, it's Michael B. Jordan.

Schitt's Creekswept the Emmys back in September, winning every award in the comedy category and Levy took home a couple of awards himself.

So, between that and being named one of the sexiest men on the planet, it's probably been a good couple of months for him!

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