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Weed Delivery Services & Cannabis Clubs Are Coming To Denver This Summer

The bill passed just one day before 4/20, aka "Weed Day."

Getting legal marijuana in Denver, Colorado, is about to become even simpler thanks to the city council's latest decision.

On Monday, the council passed a bill that would make marijuana consumption both easier and more acceptable in the Mile High City this summer, with the first being related to marijuana delivery.

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Denver Just Announced Boozy Beverages Are Prohibited At City Parks Until July 23

No more alcohol allowed starting Friday until July.

Are you turning to parks to get some fresh air during the shutdown? Many Denver parks remain open; however, the city has added new guidelines and restrictions to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. It includes temporarily disallowing the option to possess and consume alcoholic beverages. 

The City and County of Denver took to its Twitter account to share the update writing, "While most Denver parks remain open, we've added some new guidelines and restrictions to keep everyone safe - including temporarily prohibiting the possession and consumption of all alcohol in parks and other outdoor public spaces."

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A Colorado Podcast Creator Just Made Finding Love During Quarantine Easier

And he told us why.

First, there were letters and courting, then came television shows and blind dates, and now, we have podcast matchmaking. House of Pod in Colorado is casting people for a new form of dating on their series LoveSick. People can apply to "star" on the set and get connected with a potential partner via podcast.

Located in Denver, Colorado, House of Pod has recently created a new matchmaking series. It's like a dating app, but instead of just a waiter listening in on the first date, there's an audience of subscribers.

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A Stunning Mural Celebrating Denver's Doctors & Nurses Just Popped Up (PHOTOS)

"Thank you everyone for spreading this message."

Sometimes the simplest of gestures are the most meaningful. A Colorado artist's kind act surprised residents in the most heartwarming way. Denver's newest mural popped up over the weekend as a thank you to healthcare workers for all that they do.

"Thank you everyone for spreading this message. Most of all thank you Health care workers, you are our angels," wrote the artist, Austin Zucchini-Fowler, on his Instagram page

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