The Sunshine State is in the social spotlight, and it's not for anything good. Many have taken to Twitter to air their grievances towards Gov. Ron DeSantis with the #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida. The hashtag is being used to call out the governor for what some are saying is a lack of action to the current COVID-19 pandemic in Florida.

The hashtag has taken off amid Florida experiencing a record high of daily novel coronavirus cases. The state hit a high-water mark on Thursday, recording 3,207 cases in just one day.

This has spurred Twitter users, both from within and outside the state, to point out the governor's shortcomings when it comes to managing the spread of the virus.

"Florida reported 3,207 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday morning, again breaking its record for the highest single-day increase since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. They have now passed NY. #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida," one user wrote on Twitter.

Some users are even calling on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to "annex Florida."

In the past, the state has also been accused of suppressing data by undercounting the number of positive COVID-19 cases that the state records.

Now, the state is undergoing a record-breaking stretch of positive cases, often surpassing highs back to back.

Some Floridians have called out his alleged lack of leadership during the pandemic. Daniel Uhlfelder, a Panhandle lawyer, dressed as the grim reaper to protest the reopening of Florida's beaches.

In addition to #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida, another Florida hashtag has also emerged on Twitter. Using the opening line "As a Floridian," people are sounding off on the alleged mismanagement of his virus response.

These are just the latest trends the state has experienced during the pandemic. In April, #FloridaMorons was a big hit after Jacksonville became the first beach to reopen in the state.