Alberta Police Busted A Distracted Driver Who Gave An 'Extra-Cheesy Excuse'

We respect the honesty. 😂🍕
Distracted Driving Laws: Alberta Driver Got Caught & Gave An 'Extra-Cheesy Excuse'

While there are many different ways to break distracted driving laws in Canada, we're all familiar with the fact that you can't be on your phone while behind the wheel.  

Alberta RCMP took to Facebook on Tuesday, March 9 to reflect upon a whopping 148 distracted driving tickets that they issued between February 22 and 28.* 

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They also highlighted one more recent distracted driver from this week who they say offered an “extra-cheesy” excuse for being on their phone.

Apparently, this driver said that they were distracted because they were “busy ordering pizza.”

We understand that pizza can feel urgent from time to time, but it doesn't exactly permit distracted driving, no matter how hungry you are. 

"While we understand craving a slice of pizza, we would like to remind Albertans to only order food only when it is safe to do so and will not place yourself or others at risk. There’s no excuse for risking safety," said Alberta RCMP.

Beyond texting or talking on the phone, things like personal grooming or eating count as distracted driving. 

In fact, in Saskatchewan, even talking to your passenger could get you in trouble with the law, should you get into a collision.

*This article has been updated.