If you've been craving a pop of colour this summer, head to Edmonton's Whyte Ave mural

Designer Amos Kajner-Nonnekes and his team have put together a "Rainbow Road" in Spur Line Alley in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood. He told CTV News that his design was inspired by a racetrack in Mario Kart. 

The designer said that it took his team 35 gallons of paint and that the whole project kept getting pushed back because Edmonton's weather proved to be a bit of an issue. 

Altogether, it took them 36 hours to paint. Kajner-Nonnekes said that he thinks it'll be a great incentive to bring visitors into Whyte Ave. 

The mural was ordered by the Old Strathcona Business Association, and therefore the designer feels that it's got that classic "whimsical" Whyte Ave feel that locals cherish so much. 

Via CTV News