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You Can Turn Your Backyard Into A Giant English Pub In Edmonton This Summer

Have a pint and wait for this to all blow over. 🍻
Inflatable Pub In Edmonton Turns Your Backyard Into An English Bar This Summer

Are you a proud English lady or gentleman at heart, but find yourself stranded across the sea in Canada? Have no fear, because one small business is bringing the UK straight to Alberta. You can now rent an enormous inflatable pub in Edmonton and transport yourself to jolly old England with nothing but an air pump, a six-pack of Guinness, and a bit of imagination.

Bounceroo in the Edmonton area has pop-up buildings for you to enjoy a nice pint in solitude or with your friends.

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"It's kind of something fun and unique to put in your backyard for your party, whether it's a birthday or an anniversary or just a family gathering," said Brad Dick, owner of Bounceroo, to Narcity.

The pubs come in two sizes, with the small (but still massive) able to hold 25 guests and the large up to 50.

Dick's business started out renting inflatable bouncy castles, cotton candy machines, and more. But they wanted to branch out beyond kid-focussed fun. That's why they went and got a ton of these pubs last year for the adults to enjoy.

"The pubs are always well received and people are delighted and surprised when they see them for the first time," he said.

Recently, people rent out pubs for private backyard gatherings and birthdays.

He also said an English family specifically rented one out because it reminded them of home.

Another couple who had to cancel their trip to Ireland spent their vacation in one of these pubs instead.

At $350 a pop for the small one and $675 for the large, it's not exactly cheap.

But since they fit so many people, if you can wrangle a small crowd together, you could split the price.

Just be sure to book in advance to lock in your chance of renting one of these. Looks like you'll finally achieve that dream of owning a pub.

Bounceroo Inflatable Pubs

Price: $350 for small, $675 for large

Why You Need To Go: Get yourself one of these bad boys and you'll be drinking in style. Throw a party that your friends will talk about for years.

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