Parts Of Alberta Could Be As Cold As Antarctica This Week & Watch Out For Frost Bite

Brace yourselves, Alberta!

Calgary Staff Writer
Snow in Alberta

Snow in Alberta

Winter weather is coming out in full force in Alberta and a new weather forecast said temperatures in parts of the province could be comparable to temperatures seen in Antarctica right now.

According to The Weather Network, the polar vortex is bringing frigid air through Alberta this week, leading to some "dangerously-cold temperatures" in the province on Tuesday, December 6.

On Tuesday morning, temperatures in the northern part of the province will drop below minus 30 degrees. In Edmonton, temperatures could be as cold as minus 35, but wind chills will bring the temperatures closer to minus 40.

These temperatures are actually as cold as those seen in Antarctica at this time of year.

Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at TWN said despite the fact Antarctica is experiencing its "summer," temperatures around the South Pole weather station are stuck in the minus 30s, with wind chills in the minus 40s.

Albertans will want to stay indoors as much as possible and if you do need to go outside, be on high alert for frostbite which can happen within minutes.

Frostbite happens when your body is exposed to the cold for a long period of time and body parts furthest away from the heart are usually impacted first like hands, feet, nose and ears, according to Health Canada.

Hats, gloves and winter boots are a must if you're heading outside at all.

Luckily, the Antarctic temperatures aren't expected to stick around in the province for very long.

Sonnenburg said temperatures will "jump back up to near seasonal" by Wednesday as the coldest air migrates east.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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