A company in Edmonton has come forth after a racist sticker has been shared on social media with their name attached. Sureway Construction released a public statement about the sticker and although they deny any involvement, they've apologized. The image contains the information of the company including its name and date it was founded. It also contains an image that is being considered extremely offensive to the indigenous community. 

On Sunday, May 31, an Indigenous actress, model, and motivational speaker by the name of Ashely Callingbull posted an image online of a racist sticker that was found on a pole in Edmonton. 

Callingbull is a Cree First Nations woman from the Enoch Cree Nation and is best known for her diverse career and being on Amazing Race Canada season four. 

Callingbull’s dad reportedly found the sticker on a pole that was directly across from her reserve, her post read. 

In her tweet, Callingbull calls this “absolutely terrible” and attaches an image of the sticker. 

The image says “Sureway Construction plowing through Canadian politics.”

Accompanied by the text is an image of a train with the company's name on it and an Indigenous person running away on the track wearing a headdress. 

The company's founding date of 1973 is also on the sticker. 

Since posted online, it has gained a lot of attention including that of the Edmonton based construction company. 

They have since released a statement on their social media platforms explaining their side of the situation. 

“It has come to our attention that the Sureway Construction name is being inappropriately used on a decal portraying racist and political items on both public and private property,” reads the opening line of the company's online apology. 

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They go on to clarify to tell public that Sureway Construction apparently hasn't authorized these stickers. 

They also call this sentimate “disturbing” to the company. 

Sureway is now asking the public to take down any decals they may see in public. 

Their statement says that since this has been brought to their attention, an investigation has been launched and civil and criminal action will be taken. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward. 

“We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that this stops immediately and all decals are immediately taken down and destroyed,” reads the statement.

"We are appalled by these derogatory sentiments towards our First Nation partners and colleagues.”

While they deny any involvement, the company has apologized for the “abusive behaviour.”