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Vegas Golden Knights Ordered A Bunch Of Pizza For Homeless Edmontonians

The NHL playoffs may have forced the players into a bubble but that doesn't mean they're out of touch. On Wednesday, August 5, Vegas Golden Knights ordered pizzas for a number of locals experiencing homelessness. The pizzas were distributed through a local organization in town. 

Boyle Street Community Services provides support to those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Edmonton, particularly in the downtown area where their centre is located. 

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The centre is also super close to the ICE district, the neighbourhood in Edmonton where a bubble has been set up to house NHL players and staff.

The bubble's purpose is to keep locals and players apart, so there is reduced COVID-19 risk. 

But it seems like the bubble isn't too closed off because the players caught sight of community members in need and decided to give a helping hand. 

The organization explained the details of the anonymous pizza gift in a Facebook post. 

"Huge thank you to the Vegas Golden Knights for buying pizza for our community members on this beautiful day! We always appreciate any support from NHL teams, who are playing across the street at Rogers Place," read the caption. 

The organization also posted a few photos of the pizza fest, including a photo of the pizza boxes loaded up in the back as well as community volunteers distributing the pizzas to the homeless. 

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Elliott Tanti, a communications and development manager at Boyle Street, spoke to Global News and told them that he received a call from someone from the team on Tuesday, August 4.

The player reportedly told him that he saw a bunch of homeless community members outside the bubble and wanted to know whether it'd be "appropriate" to arrange pizzas to be delivered to them. 

Tanti told Global that the players want to stay anonymous but he did confirm that they were from the Vegas Golden Knights. 

Tanti said he worked out the details over the phone. The next day, a trunkload of pizzas arrived from the JW Mariott hotel. 

He said that dozens of individuals facing homelessness were able to grab slices and were reportedly very happy. 

Tanti also said that a couple of slices of pizzas is a "luxury" that these members often don't get to experience. 

NHL players might be living like kings in their respective bubbles but they're not shying away from giving back to the community. 

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