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NHL Bubble Boredom Has Got The Players Playing Literally Everything But Hockey (VIDEOS)

Once an athlete, always an athlete. The NHL playoffs kick off on August 1. While the players wait for games to resume, they're doing literally every activity possible in their NHL bubble. It just goes to show that their competitive spirit goes beyond the ice. 

Seeing how they'll be stuck within their hotels for the coming months, it's probably wise to take up a whole bunch of hobbies to keep the energy up. 

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The "bubble" refers to the quarantine zones that have been established within the hub cities of Toronto and Edmonton. The zones have been created to keep the players and locals apart to lessen the COVID-19 risk. 

Therefore, the players don't really have the option of venturing into the city and checking out the local sights.

It's probably a good thing that hotels have gone above and beyond to make the players feel like kings in their downtime.

Halls have been transformed into ultra-luxurious player lounges, complete with massive TV screens and sports equipment. 

And the players aren't afraid to use them. 

For example, the Chicago Blackhawks, who are posted up within one of Edmonton's top hotels, have been photographed playing ping-pong to pass the time. 

They posted an Instagram story with three of their players taking part in a breakneck round. The video was reshared a whole bunch of times by fans. 

The Blackhawks weren't the only table tennis enthusiasts in Edmonton. Canadian team, Vancouver Canucks, also recorded two of their players playing an exhilarating round of ping-pong. Their caption read, "Competitive juices are flowing." 

Over in Toronto, the Maple Leafs are getting over their boredom by undertaking long gaming sessions

Their rival team Montreal Canadiens's player Michael McNiven meanwhile was spotted juggling. Is there anything these players aren't good at? 

The New York Rangers meanwhile took advantage of a golf setup within their Toronto hotel. "I'm a hockey player, but - you know the rest," said the caption of the video

Back in Edmonton, JT Compher of the Colorado Avalanche posted an Instagram story of the guys enjoying a session of rooftop yoga. The video was shared by many hockey-affiliated accounts. 

Another team at Toronto, the Carolina Hurricanes, was caught playing both footballand soccer in their downtime. You just can't keep the guys off some sort of team sport, can you?

Andre Burakovsky of the Avalanche also shared an Instagram story of a couple of his teammates playing a game on the basketball court. 

The "playing everything but Hockey" trend continued for many other teams and players. 

Whether it be gaming or playing spikeball, it seems that the players in Edmonton and Toronto have found plenty to do when they're not playing hockey. 

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