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Elf On A Shelf Seen Clinging To California Cop's Motorcycle Like A Small Criminal (VIDEO)

An elf on a shelf doll was seen clinging to the back of a highway patrol officer's motorcycle in California and the footage is harrowing.

The California Highway Patrol posted a video to their Facebook showing the elf, allegedly named "Chippie", gripping to the back of the motorcycle in Castro Valley.

The shelf elf, who looks like some sort of small hothead with a death wish, clings to the aerial of the cop's hog as his little legs flick around.

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1 reckless elf involved in this situation

The CHP posted the video on December 7, with the caption of "Chippie, what are you doing!?"

Chippie has been "helping" the police department out with various tasks lately, seen most recently enforcing speed limits on the I-580 highway (when he is not busy risking his life holding onto motorcycles like a fearless exhibitionist, of course).

The look on Chippie's face is obviously concerning as it is extremely smug, but that's just how elf on shelf's faces look, so there is no known threat, at this time.

This is a developing story and we will be monitoring Chippie's behavior going forward. Please stay tuned.

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