One of the city's most festive bars is hoping for a Christmas miracle. 

The Miracle Toronto bar opened on November 20, 2020, and was initially supposed to run until December 26, 2020.

The annual holiday pop-up is known for its themed cocktails and over-the-top kitschy decor.

The venue was forced to close after just 3 days when lockdown restrictions came into effect on November 23, 2020.

Nick Kennedy, Partner at Miracle Toronto, is hopeful that the venue will be able to reopen before Christmas Day.

He chatted with Narcity about his experience navigating the pandemic, and what the future looks like for Miracle.  

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How did you prepare to open Miracle safely this year?

"We feel very confident that we've created a very safe space," Kennedy said. "We're more committed to the safety of our team and our guests and our community then this event itself."

Unlike other years, the event was held outdoors at Stackt Market and involved safety procedures such as contact tracing and tables spaced "one reindeer" apart.

While hosting the event outside came with many challenges, he was determined to make it work. 

"We knew the risks and thought it was valuable for the community and for our charity partners," he explained. "So we were able to set it up, particularly with the graciousness of Stackt, in a way that was viable."

What was your reaction when you heard the city was going into lockdown?

An hour and a half before Miracle's opening night, it was announced that a lockdown preventing indoor and outdoor dining would come into effect in just three days.

"Our staff were waiting with bated breath," Kennedy recalled. "We got the announcement and then we worked the weekend."

"We did everything we could to get everyone who wanted in, in, in the safest manner possible. It was a great weekend."

Despite the bad news, he still managed to add some humour to the situation.

"I immediately posted a GIF of the violinists on the deck of the Titanic where he says... 'Ladies and gentlemen it has been an honour to play with you'," he explained, indirectly quoting the film Titanic.  

Will Miracle reopen this season?

"It is our absolute goal that if lockdown ends, we will reopen," Kennedy said.

Currently, the lockdown is set to end on December 21, although there is the possibility of it being extended.

He hopes that the pop-up can resume operations on December 22 and run into the new year, "just so that everyone can get the Christmas spirit that they missed."

Until then, Miracle is continuing the festivities online by offering holiday-themed cocktail kits and glassware to enjoy at home.

Despite opening for just three days, Kennedy is proud of what he and the team accomplished.

"The specialness of that weekend was we really got to make people's Christmases."

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