There are plenty of different career paths to choose from, but a certain degree of dedication is required for some of those jobs. Currently, the RCMP is hiring someone to fill the role of 911 police dispatcher in Ottawa. The only educational requirement is a high school diploma.

That's not to say that this job is easy, or even meant for everyone. Working as a 911 dispatcher is demanding, but you'll also be in a role where you can be part of helping people in distress.

On top of that, the pay can range anywhere from $51,673 to $66,496 annually.

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What are the job duties?

Being a 911 dispatcher is serious, and you'll have to be able to handle the pressure of responding to potentially life-threatening situations.

You would be taking both police and emergency calls, dispatching RCMP and other responders to incidents within the provinces.

You'll have to be able to multitask and be aware of what is happening on multiple computer screens. This job will also take a strong resolve to deal with calls that may be emotionally distressing, violent, or disturbing.

Shift work is absolutely required, and your schedule is going to consist of working any time of day, any day of the week.

What are the requirements?

The only educational requirement needed for this job is a high school diploma. The RCMP is also willing to look at any alternatives that may still qualify you for the position.

You'll have to be able to use a keyboard effectively, and prove that you can type an average of 43 words per minute with an error rate of less than 5%.

Your ability to listen closely to data, remember it, and enter it into a computer system will also be tested during the interview process.

The job also requires you to be able to read a map to determine the best routes and find locations.

Finally, this position is intended for bilingual individuals, meaning you must be able to speak, read, and write in both English and French.

Are there other conditions?

One of the most important conditions is passing an RCMP top-secret security clearance.

You may also be required to travel if you are called to testify in a court of law, or for mandatory operational training.

You'll have to complete written and computer examinations, as well as a typing test. There will also be a medical assessment.

Finally, this is a job that requires a high degree of dedication, and you should be prepared to work any day of the year.

If you think you have what it takes to fill this integral position, you should get your application together and submit it before November 10.

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