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Ford Is Making It Illegal For Ontario Companies To Ban Poppies

Ford is responding swiftly to Whole Foods' "disgusting" ban.
Whole Foods Poppy Ban Has Led To Ford Trying To Prohibit Other Companies To Do The Same

Doug Ford is speaking out after the controversial decision of  Whole Foods' poppy ban

The grocery chain is not allowing their employees to wear the Remembrance Day symbol as it goes against their dress code. 

Now, the premier announced he is introducing legislation that will prohibit other companies to do the same. 

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We will introduce legislation that prohibits any employer from banning their staff from wearing a poppy during Remembrance Week." Doug Ford 

Ford states that underneath this new legislation, companies will be prohibited from stopping their staff from wearing a poppy during Remembrance Week. 

"We're going to introduce legislation immediately that permits any employee, no matter where you work, to wear a poppy and making sure that no employee can force someone not to wear one," Ford said on Friday.

The move comes after the premier called the Whole Foods decision "disgusting and disgraceful." 

He originally demanded that the company reverse their actions and apologize.

However, after Whole Foods defended the ban, it looks like the premier is taking matters into his own hands.

If you're struggling to find the perfect work-life balance at your job, the Ontario government's new proposed legislation might help you out.

Ontario announced new legislation to "promote healthy work-life balance" called the Working for Workers Act, 2021 in a news release on Monday.

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