Ford Calls Whole Foods 'Disgusting & Disgraceful' For Their Poppy Ban

He is demanding they apologize immediately and reverse the decision.
Doug Ford Calls Whole Foods 'Disgusting & Disgraceful' For Their Poppy Ban

After a controversial decision on behalf of Whole Foods to ban poppies from employee uniforms, Premier Doug Ford is speaking out.

The grocery chain has put a ban on poppies because they don't comply with their uniform rules, CBC reports.

Ford took to Twitter to express his outrage about the policy.

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"It’s disgusting and disgraceful that Whole Foods has banned poppies for their employees," wrote Ford, adding that he will always stand alongside veterans.

The premier is demanding that the chain apologize immediately and reverse their decision.

He added that "everyone should wear a poppy."

Whole Foods isn't passing up Remembrance Day altogether, however. Apparently, they're giving $8,000 to the Legion's Poppy Campaign. They will also be participating in a moment of silence on Remembrance Day, says CBC.

Narcity has reached out to Whole Foods for comment.