It's taken so little time for Canada's COVID-19 cases to reach the latest 100,000 case milestone than it did for the country to record its first 100,000.

Speaking about the pandemic during a press conference on January 5, Dr. Theresa Tam shared a statistic that shows the pandemic's "current momentum" and the "continued high rates of infection in many areas of the country."

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number of weeks it took Canada to reach its latest 100,000 cases

Dr. Tam said that the country reached the last 100,000 COVID-19 cases in just over two weeks.

This is a significantly shorter period of time than it took for the country to reach its first 100,000 cases.

That happened over the course of five months.

"This ever more rapid accumulation of cases will continue until we can make significant progress in interrupting spread," Dr. Tam said.

To do that, she noted that we have to continue with the efforts we've been making throughout the pandemic.

Earlier in the day, Justin Trudeau said that Canada's rules about travelling outside of the country are clear and nobody should be going abroad.

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