It's possible that daily COVID-19 cases in Canada could actually reach more than 20,000 if we don't make changes to how we act right now.

On November 20, the Public Health Agency of Canada released new data and modelling for the country and it's not looking good.

If we keep going with the current number of people we come into contact with each day, COVID-19 cases will continue to rise and that could mean over 20,000 daily cases by the end of December.

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possible daily COVID-19 cases in December in Canada

If we increase the current number of people we come in contact with every day, that number could get even worse.

In a worst-case scenario, COVID-19 would resurge faster and stronger across the country and lead to 60,000 daily cases by the end of December.

There is still the opportunity to get this under control though.

That could happen if we reduce the current number of people we're in contact with each day and only do essential things.

Canada could keep daily case counts below 5,000 at the end of the year in that scenario, top health authorites say

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