To recognize all the hard work being done this year, Dollarama is giving every single store employee in Canada a bonus.

The Canadian retailer will give the one-time "gratitude" bonus payment to all of the more than 26,000 store workers across the country.

This is in recognition of their work to provide people with essential products safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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bonus for full-time Dollarama employees

All full-time employees will get a bonus of $300.

For part-time workers, the extra payment will be a little less at $200.

This one-time gratitude bonus will be given to everyone who was an active store employee as of December 9.

It was recently announced that Walmart will be giving every full-time worker $250 and every part-time worker $150 as a bonus.

Sobeys has also brought back hero pay for employees who are working in lockdown areas.

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