As we look towards upcoming celebrations, Dr. Tam's mask advice includes wearing one when you're indoors with someone who isn't in your household this holiday season. 

In a statement posted on November 14, which also happens to be Diwali, the country's top doctor talked about winter and holiday celebrations.

She said that as we're moving indoors because the weather is getting colder, that can increase the spread of COVID-19 because they're close contact and closed spaces. 

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It is recommended that everyone wear a non-medical mask when spending time indoors with people from outside of your immediate household.

Dr. Theresa Tam

Dr. Tam noted that we can't let our guard down in relaxed settings like holiday celebrations by not always keeping a two-metre distance.

So, she has recommended that everyone wear a mask when indoors with people who aren't in your household.

Just a day before she said this, Dr. Tam and Justin Trudeau got real about the holidays.

She said that "it's not looking good" and he said that whether we can get together will depend on what we do right now.

If this has you down and you want a little holiday cheer to bring your spirits up, Starbucks has holiday drinks available and holiday menu items have been spotted at Tim Hortons locations across the country.

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