For the second time in one day, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is making his opinion on the U.S. presidential election very, very clear.

Speaking to reporters on November 3, Singh said there is a "moral imperative" to speak out against the American president’s actions over the last four years.

Singh also made it clear that he would not be voting to re-elect if he was a U.S. citizen, saying, "I think it would be better for the world if Trump loses, and I hope he loses today."

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Singh also explained that while he may not have weighed in on the election outcome “in normal times,” he felt compelled to speak out against the U.S. leader.

“What President Trump has done is so far beyond what is normal, that it is a moral imperative that we have to speak out and make it really clear that what he has done in his presidency is wrong.”

It was the second time that the NDP leader had called-out Donald Trump on the same day, after previously blasting him on Twitter.

In a social media post, Singh accused the presidential candidate of placing kids in cages, fanning the flames of "hatred and division" and failing Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's hardly surprising, however, as Singh has called-out Trump on multiple occasions in the past.


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