Raccoons may look like little bandits, but please don't call the police on them.

Ontario Provincial Police warned residents of Oxford County on Monday to stop calling 911 over trash panda concerns.

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The OPP [...] is urging anyone that may need to have an animal removed from their property, to call a private animal removal service.

Inspector Tony Hymers

The hilarious statement was released after officers were called to check on a raccoon that was seen wandering around a local business.

The critter was reportedly "acting strange" which prompted a resident to call the emergency hotline. 

Police noted that they have received multiple calls about these critters being spotted during the daytime.

An issue that the OPP believes has to do with the myth that raccoons only go out in daylight if they're sick or have rabies.

In reality, most trash pandas will soak up some sun if there's a portion of food available at a particular time

If you really want to get rid of a raccoon, police are asking you to call animal services.

If you live in Toronto, you can also always hit up the Segway man

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