Justin Trudeau has officially cleared up any confusion related to the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB).

In a press conference on Tuesday, January 5, the prime minister confirmed that the federal COVID-19 benefit could not be claimed by quarantining travellers who took non-essential trips abroad.

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[The CRSB] is not there to pay for people’s post-vacation quarantine.

Justin Trudeau

“Let me also be very clear about the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit,” he said. “It is not intended for travellers who are quarantining when they return from holiday.”

Instead, Trudeau said the benefit is there to support people who need sick leave support during the pandemic and cannot get it from their employer.

He added that anyone who “travelled for non-essential reasons” would not be able to access the $500 per week funding.

More information will be shared in the coming days, he added.

During the address, the PM said that the government had been “very clear” when it comes to COVID-19 travel advice.

While there is no outright ban in place, Trudeau said that no Canadians should be going abroad on vacation right now.

He warned that the penalties for flouting Canada’s quarantine rules were serious, too. 

“You need to take this seriously,” he concluded. “Not following the rules could mean real consequences, including fines and prison time.”

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