With Pfizer's approved COVID-19 vaccine, Canada will be getting more than 100,000 doses every week in January.

During a press conference on December 18, Justin Trudeau announced the new delivery numbers of Pfizer-BioNTech doses for the first month of 2021.

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Pfizer doses coming to Canada every week in January

Every week in January, Canada will get 125,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine delivered to be given to Canadians.

That will work out to a total of around 500,000 doses for the entire month.

"With the guaranteed millions of doses coming in 2021, every Canadian who wants a vaccine will get one no matter where they live," Trudeau said.

Since this is still an initial supply of doses, priority will be given to certain groups like the elderly and healthcare workers.

Health Canada recently released official advice about who shouldn't get the Pfizer vaccine after two allergic reactions were reported in the U.K.

Also, a program is being created to help Canadians out if they have a bad to a COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine.

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