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Canada Post Workers In Nunavut Walk Off The Job Over 'Continued Rudeness'

"Have fun trying to get your parcels."
Canada Post Workers In Nunavut Quit Over 'Continued Rudeness'

Postal service in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut was unexpectedly interrupted this week after its two Canada Post workers walked off the job.

Employee Bo Wallenius left a sign on the post office door, attributing his departure to "continued rudeness." 

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Due to continued rudeness by some people, I quit. Have fun trying to get your parcels. Bo Wallenius

"I will never go back," said Wallenius to CBC.

"Most of the people in town are fabulous," he continued, "Unfortunately, all it takes is a few bad eggs to bring the situation to a point where it's like, 'I don't need this.'"

He says that delays in essential items, like food, holiday essentials and cheques, have put the residents of Cambridge Bay under great stress, resulting in some acting rudely towards Canada Post employees.

"I've been accused of stealing people's mail, withholding people's mail — both of those are literally federal offences, I could face 10 years for those," he continued.

The post office was forced to close on Monday due to the employee shortage. 

However, it has since reopened with new staff, reports Nunatsiaq News, and reduced its hours of operation.

The outlet reports that Canada Post is asking the community to "keep the post office friendly."

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