Some are now exhaling a small sigh of relief with the promise of millions of vaccines potentially headed to the True North. Despite the severity of the situation, people have managed to find humour in it and this time it's a vaccine meme war.

Many took to Twitter to pit two of the current pharma companies that are pulling ahead in the race: Pfizer and Moderna. 

So far Justin Trudeau has said that Canada is expecting millions of doses from Moderna and Pfizer.

Only one can reign supreme, right? Fortunately, that's not the case, but it hasn't stopped Twitter users from having a little fun.

One Twitter user uploaded a picture of the film Bridesmaids, in the hilarious movie scene both characters fight for the attention of the bride.  

This next one features RuPaul's Drag Race, with both pharma companies having to lipsync for their lives. 

This tweet may be relatable to everyone, since parents are famous for expecting nothing short of 100% from their kids.

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