Dan Levy has joined in on the conversation on the chaos that has erupted on Capitol Hill in the U.S and it's safe to say he is not here for it. 

In fact, the Schitt's Creek star thinks it is "absolutely disgusting."  

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Levy took to Twitter to share his thoughts on what had unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday.*

"The privilege on display for all to see is absolutely disgusting," he quote tweeted along with a video.

The video he shared to his social was of rioters entering the U.S. Capitol with confederate flags in tow.* 

"It took 159 years, but a mob marching behind a confederate flag has stormed the US Capitol. They are doing so on @realDonaldTrump’s express orders," the video was captioned with.

Additionally, when Twitter reportedly deleted Trump's tweets for the first time, Levy quote-tweeted once again saying "Delete the damn account."

Justin Trudeau also shared his opinion and said that the events that have taken place were an "attack on democracy."

Barak Obama weighed in as well saying that the violence was not a surprise and that Americans will not forget these events. He also said that Trump’s claims of victory are a "fantasy narrative." 

Editor's Note: This article has been updated. 

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