We all knew Canadian actors were cool, and Korean-Canadian actors even cooler, but now Toronto actor Jean Yoon has come out as maybe the coolest of them all with a very un-Umma-like tweet.

Yoon, who plays Umma on the hit sitcom Kim's Convenience, tweeted Tuesday evening about getting her first senior's discount.

"Ahem! Not at Shoppers...," she wrote, "at um, ahem, at #TokyoSmoke...."

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I feel like I oughta have mixed feelings about this... But I don’t. MuahahaHAAAAAA!!!!

Jean Yoon, aka Umma

Tokyo Smoke describes itself as an "award-winning, design focused, legal cannabis retailer."

There are five Toronto locations.

Yoon didn't reveal which one she stopped in to, but she was sure to make one thing perfectly clear.

"They’re Seniors are 55+!"

According to the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia, Yoon was born in 1962; way too young for a senior's discount at Shoppers.

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