It looks like a big change could be coming to GTA law enforcement. Peel Regional Police confirmed on Friday that it has plans that would enable officers to wear body cameras. The ground-breaking initiative comes as protests against police brutality continue to sweep across the globe.

According to a press release by Peel Regional Police, the unit will be bringing forward a report on June 26 that could ensure that officers are wearing body cameras. 

The decision was made "in response to reactions from the community and events taking place in Canada and the United States."

The board is looking to take immediate action to preserve public trust while still allowing officers to do their jobs effectively.

“The Police Services Board and Peel Regional Police have received comments and requests for body-worn cameras from members of the community and elected officials in Peel. As a Board, we welcome opportunities to strengthen police accountability while ensuring greater community safety and well-being,” said Chair Ron Chatha.

“Today’s decision will ensure the Board and the Chief will collaborate on the implementation of body-worn cameras with the aim of making a decision at our next Board meeting on June 26," he added.

It is uncertain at the moment when body cams will become an everyday reality for on-duty officers across the region.

However, the incoming report is expected to outline the budget impact of the devices as well as a timeline for their implementation.

The mayors of both Mississauga and Brampton had previously made calls for Peel Regional Police to begin using the devices.

"Now, more than ever, we need to take action and preserve the public trust while at the same time allowing police to do their jobs effectively, which is why at our next (PPSB) meeting, Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton and myself will be moving a motion to explore the use of body cameras for Peel Police," Mayor Crombie stated. 

Toronto police have also faced similar calls to implement body cameras as a regular practice.

A petition, which has gathered over 40,000 signatures since May 31, is demanding that all Toronto police officers be required to wear mandatory body cameras while responding to calls.

The rapidly growing movement is currently being supported by both protestors and authorities alike.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders was filmed taking a knee with protestors on Friday. The touching moment was captured on film and has already begun creating waves on social media.

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