Firefighters have a unique warning this fall. They say things could get dangerous if bars and restaurants don't weigh the risks of patio heaters this fall.

In a report released Saturday, Toronto firefighters and the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) said they fear that with chilly weather and outdoor dining being recommended amid the pandemic, many restaurants, bars, cafes and homes will be decked-out in patio heaters.

The fire service said that while the fuel-fired heating expells warmth, they can also pose a danger if they are not properly handled.

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Not only do portable heaters need to be installed, used, and maintained correctly, they must also be a safe distance from flammable objects, and be properly ventilated... to prevent damage to property, injuries, or worse, a fatal incident.

Chief Cynthia Ross Tustin, OAFC President.

This warning comes after experts said the second wave of COVID-19 would actually bring shortages in upscale items like patio heaters due to Canadians changing their lifestyle, according to CTV News.

The firefighters said that with patio heaters in short supply because of the COVID-19 outbreak, they worry some people might try to get creative.

"Restauranteurs should note that construction heaters or those fired with kerosene, gasoline or diesel fuel should never be used in a commercial establishment," OAFC President, Chief Cynthia Ross Tustin, said.

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