Ontario's top doctor is already warning that the Toronto and Peel lockdown could last longer than 28 days. 

During an update on Monday, Dr. David Williams admitted that he would be "surprised" if the regions' shutdown lasted only four weeks.

The disheartening statement came after public health officials were pressed on when they expected lockdown measures to end.

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Will it be down in 4 weeks? I would be surprised if we were down by that much to bring out into [...] the red zone.

Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Williams states that as COVID-19 cases keep rising, he doesn't think that numbers will drop low enough to bring the regions back to the red zone in four weeks. 

"Right now, Peel is still going the wrong way, and we have to see how much further our actions with the lockdown can bring those numbers down further."

"If we're not all pulling together, I think you're correct, we'd be surprised to see if we are out of this in four weeks," Williams stated on Monday.  

Last week, the Ontario government announced that they would be placing the City of Toronto and Peel Region into lockdown.

According to Ford, the move was made to avoid another province-wide shutdown.

At the moment, the lockdown for both regions is scheduled to end on December 21, 2020.

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