It is going to be a cold school year for Toronto students this winter.  

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) announced on November 26, 2020, that classroom windows will be kept open periodically during the winter months.

The decision is being made on recommendation from Toronto Public Health, who believe that circulating fresh air is key to stopping COVID-19.

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Toronto Public Health is recommending that windows in classrooms should be opened for a period of time at different points of the day to introduce fresh air into the space and increase air flow. 



 TDSB will reportedly turn up their heating systems to keep things from getting unbearable.

However, officials have noted that it will create a "cooler than normal" environment for students. 

"We recognize it is very much a balance between introducing more ventilation at various times during the day and maintaining a comfortable indoor air temperature in classrooms," the school board noted in a press release.

Students are being told to wear an extra layer of clothing to school to keep warm.

So bundle up students, it's about to get chilly. 

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