When people are in positions of power, we often wonder what sort of education or training it took to get there. For example, you may have found yourself wondering about Jason Kenney's education in the past. 

While he's got decades under his belt in the political realm, he doesn't appear to hold a university degree. Though, there is very little official information that details his educational background. 

The Canadian Encyclopedia says that the politician studied philosophy at the University of San Francisco (USF). However, it appears he never graduated. 

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[...] he led a charge to suspend the charter of the Women’s Law Student Association, which was collecting signatures for an abortion rights petition.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Before that, he reportedly wrote an article for the newspaper on campus accusing American Catholics of not following church teachings.

Finally, USF added a policy that allowed free speech and Kenney responded by demanding that USF no longer be listed as a Catholic school. His demands were not met and he never returned to school.

According to Maclean’s, Kenney was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle in 1990 saying, “Organizations whose objectives are antithetical to the gospel, including racist, pro-abortion and homosexual groups, could soon be using facilities and resources that have been consecrated to the promotion of justice and human dignity” in regards to USF.

The premiere's biography on the Government of Alberta's website does not mention anything about post-secondary studies or degrees. 

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