Although thousands of Canadians have signed a petition to name a Vancouver street after Ryan Reynolds, it seems the actor himself isn’t so sure about the idea!

Last week, radio host Kevin Lim set up a petition, claiming that “Vancouver’s favourite son” deserves to have a street named after him.

The appeal says that Reynolds should be honoured in this way because of his super-generous charitable contributions and for helping “elevate the positive profile of his hometown to a worldwide audience.”

Despite all the compliments, it seems Reynolds isn’t totally convinced by the idea.

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Very kind but hard pass.

Ryan Reynolds

Responding to the petition over the weekend, Reynolds described the suggestion as “very kind,” but said it was a “hard pass” from him.

“If traffic sucks everyone will say, ‘Ryan Reynolds is a mess’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds is really backed up,’ he joked. 

“My brothers would enjoy this too much,” added the Deadpool star.

Despite the actor’s response, it seems the petition continues to gain traction!

As of Monday morning, the appeal, which is addressed to Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, had over 3,000 signatures.

This comes just days after Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, donated half a million dollars to two Canadian charities.

Got to love him, eh?

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