Owning a waterfront oasis is cheaper than you might expect. This private island for sale in Ontario costs less than many tiny condos in the city.

Firmans Island in Prince Edward is roughly two hours and 15 minutes from Toronto or Ottawa.

The close location makes it ideal for weekend road trips for when you crave some time outdoors.

The piece of land is surrounded by the pristine blue water of the Bay of Quinte.

Here you can spend your free time boating, swimming, and hiking to all the lookout points.

But one important thing to note; you can't build any permanent structures like a house on this land.

The land is protected, but it does allow you to add things like a dock or deck.

If you are someone who loves spending every second of their free time outdoors, this affordable getaway could be a dream come true.

Private Island

Price: $225,000

Address: Firmans Island, Prince Edward, ON

Description: You can feel like a celebrity and relax on your private island hidden in Ontario.

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