While Canada's travel restrictions advise against non-essential travel for any reason, new data shows that people have been jetting from the Calgary airport to Hawaii at a shocking volume. 

According to an online portal by the State of Hawaii, 3,014 people have arrived from the Calgary airport between December 1 and January 10. 

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For "pleasure/vacation."

Other reasons for travel to the tropical destination include airline crew members which account for 252 of the 3,014.

There were also 124 people who went to visit friends or relatives. 

Some people were returning home, a few were connecting flights, and a small number were for essential work, business, school, and making the move to live there permanently. 

While over 100 people flew from Calgary to Hawaii each day on January 6, January 8, January 9, and January 10, the numbers of registered trips in the coming week are far lower. 

On Tuesday, January 12, for example, there is currently only one flight booked to Hawaii from YYC. 

The data shows that 96.8% of the flights from the Albertan city were visitors rather than residents. At least one of those visitors were Alberta politicians

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