Cold weather has its fair share of struggles, but it also offers some breathtaking beauty.

These Ontario winter phenomena look like something from a snowy fairytale, and, if you're lucky, you might be able to see some.

Many of these wonders only appear on rare occasions when the weather and other conditions are just right.

From towering ice sculptures to frozen crop circles, these sights are pure winter magic.

Next time you're outdoors, see if you can find any of these incredible phenomena

Ice Balls

About: On rare occasions, it may look like a lake was the battleground of a giant snowball fight. When layers of slush on the water are spun by waves, they can form unique 'ice balls' according to an article by CTV.

Snow Towers

Price: $7.90 per adult

Address: 469 Cyprus Lake Rd., Tobermory, ON

About: Bruce Penninsula National Park is known for its clear blue waters in the summer, but winter brings a whole new level of magic to the place. The shoreline becomes coated in ice, creating whimsical towers and ice sculptures that look like a scene from Frozen.

Ice Volcanoes

About: When temperatures, wind, and waves are just right, towering ice volcanoes can be seen on Ontario shorelines. Icy water erupts through the centres of frozen formations, causing a volcano effect.

Frozen Crop Circles

Address: Rideau Canal, Ottawa, ON

About: It may look like the Rideau Canal has been invaded by aliens, but the strange crop circle-like formations are a result of pumps flooding the surface in preparation for skating season.

Ice Caves

Price: Fees vary

Address: 96 Broadway Ave., Wawa, ON

About: While exploring Lake Superior Provincial Park in the winter months, you may stumble upon glistening ice caves. In 2019, the New York Times ranked these caves one of the top places to visit in the world.

Light Pillars

About: If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of this ethereal phenomenon when gazing into the winter sky. According to Global News, these pillars are formed when light reflects off plate-shaped ice crystals near the ground.

Snow Rollers

About: Apparently Mother Nature wants to build a snowman sometimes too. According to Ontario Storm Tracker, these natural snowballs are formed when wind drags snow chunks across the ground. Some can be as large as a car!


Ice Pancakes

About: These shapes are formed when a piece of ice spins in a current, creating a perfect circle.


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