The mysterious Utah monolith may have disappeared last week, but the next day, another quite similar monolith popped up in Romania...and then also disappeared.

This new monolith graced us with its presence last Thursday and hung out for four days in the hills of Neamt County in Romania near an ancient forest until today when it was suddenly gone.

While it's speculated that the monoliths are related, they're certainly not the SAME one, as people have noted how different they look — and how much sleeker and better the Utah one is.

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monoliths have disappeared

Local Romanian reporters told Reuters that this particular monolith seemed to have been made by "bad welders," even said that this particular monolith had a "badly welded join."

Many people have thrown in their artistic opinions regarding the look of this newer, symbol-covered monolith — one person even calls it "sad."

People are just out here straight up tearing down the seam-having Romanian monolith, and prefer the look of the first completely smooth Utah monolith better.

Unfortunately, no one truly knows who is putting these monoliths everywhere, but, hey as long as another one doesn't show up in Greenland, we might be okay.

Or, hey, maybe the aliens are just building a coffee table.

This may or may not be a developing story, depending on where and when a third monolith decides to show up. Your move, 2020.

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