Dan Levy is, once again, asking people to please wear a face mask in an Instagram video, and he is way more frustrated than he has been in previous videos.

In the video, Levy states, "Just wanted to come on here to lose some Instagram followers by telling you all to continue to wear masks."

The actor has been an advocate for mask-wearing throughout the whole pandemic, but this recent video is his most straightforward plea — wear a mask, because science.

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Science is real. So.

Dan Levy

He posted this video to his stories last night.

Back in May, Levy posted this video to his Instagram, saying that he could "understand the frustration of being told what to do" but to reimagine mask-wearing as one of the simplest acts of kindness you can do for others.


But, it's November now and desperate times call for more serious pleas: Wear a mask because science is real.

Speaking of being kind, Levy was just celebrated on HELLO! magazine's "Kind List" in celebration of generous and thoughtful celebrities, in honor of World Kindness Day on November 13.

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