Fall 2020 in Los Angeles has been an extremely dramatic rollercoaster of temperatures that range from "warm" to "a little cooler" soaring back up to "I'm sorry, is it August? Why is it 97 degrees in October?"

Sure, Los Angeles isn't known for being particularly autumnal, but this year was definitely wacky, with temperatures making some pretty intense jumps in very short amounts of time.

Let's journey into this weather whiplash: October began in the 100s, fell to below 80 only a week later, jumped up to 95 a week after that, went below 70 for a couple of days, then hopped right on back up to the high 80s last week.

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days of temperatures exceeding 90 degrees in Los Angeles in October

October was filled with so many heat waves that in mid-October, excessive heat warnings were issued all over Southern California.

The region has also been dealing with intense winds all month, including just last week, when a Santa Ana wind event created high fire danger and a brush fire erupted in Orange County.

This time of year is known for being the most dangerous in Southern California, due to these strong winds combining with dry conditions, making the region more susceptible to fire danger.

It's expected to jump into the 90s again later this week one last time, before returning to regular temperatures.

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