Donald Trump's presidency is nearing its end and it seems some are trying to never see his face again.

The President was banned from major social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat and now people are calling on a classic holiday film to remove Trump's famed cameo.

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He did bully his way into the movie.

Director Chris Columbus told Insider

A famous scene from "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" was actually filmed at New York's Plaza Hotel, which at the time was owned by Donald Trump.

In an interview with Insider, Columbus said Trump only allowed the crew to film in the hotel lobby if they gave him a scene in the movie, which actually ended up being quite short.

Now 30 years later, fans of the film are calling to get his cameo removed and replaced with now 40-year-old Macular Culkin, which Culkin seems to be on board for.

Some tech savvy Tweeters even took it upon themselves to remove the President's cameo.

Columbus has not provided his thoughts on possibly removing the cameo from the film.

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