Violent protests erupted at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. shortly before outgoing Vice President Mike Pence was set to declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.

Now, Pro-Trump protesters have begun demonstrating at multiple state capitol buildings across the country, waving signs and putting up gallows and guillotines.

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You have to go home now. We have to have peace.

President Donald Trump

Washington D.C. is currently the site of the loudest protest, as hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building, forcing house and senate members to quickly evacuate.

President Trump not-so-quickly put out what is being called a controversial message asking them to go home.

Pro-Trump protesters across the country even started protesting in their home states at capitol buildings.

Some demonstrators armed with rifles were spotted in front of the Arizona state capitol building, where a full-sized guillotine was put on display.

President-Elect Joe Biden was quick to hit Twitter with his thoughts on what the world was watching unfold in the United State, and like many others, he was disappointed.

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