PEI Has Their Own 'Legendary' French Fry Dish They've Been Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

Could this give poutine a run for its money?
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Fries With The Works In PEI Is The Province's "Legendary" Dish

Out in eastern Canada, Fries With The Works in P.E.I. is something locals have been hiding from the rest of the country.

The "legendary" dish is made with fries, gravy, ground beef and peas, so it's kind of like poutine but not quite.

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The origin story is that a warehouse worker went to a restaurant before starting a shift and ordered fries with gravy but the owner added ground beef and peas so that the meal would hold him over.

Restaurants all over the P.E.I. serve this dish now and there are some new variations that add more vegetables, more meat or cheese curds, which makes it closer to poutine.

Newfoundland has a version of poutine that's made with fries, gravy and dressing but cheese curds are optional.

Lisa Belmonte
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